About Us

Joycycle Inflatables specializes in the manufacturing, wholesale and supply of inflatable bounce houses, wet dry combos, water slides and obstacle courses.

Why only offer packages of inflatables?

Joycycle Inflatables has 11 years of experience in the inflatable amusement toys industry. Competition in the industry is already fierce. In our view, for rental and wholesale customers, packages of inflatables have more benefits:

Faster Payback.

Packages match different discounts and savings. More beneficial costs control will help your business.


In addition to the Joycycle brand, we provide OEM and ODM support.

Manufacturing Cycle

The manufacturing of inflatables in bulk is more efficient and reliable. Sufficient time can allow you to have a more flexible plan.

High Quality

Manufacturing in bulk has more stable quality. At the same time, we will supply more adequate accessory support.

Get Best Offers On Customized Designs!

Trustworthy product quality standards can help you achieve greater market share.

Our inflatable products will be sewn and reinforced in key parts. This makes the product more durable. At the same time, the safety of the players can be guaranteed.
We use safe lead-free vinyl pvc material. It meets the standards of use. In products such as bounce house and slide combo, we use safety nets that will not pinch fingers to ensure the safety of players.
Our Velcro, D-rings, zippers, etc. are all tested and selected high-quality accessories.
We use heavy-duty packaging bags, and each product is equipped with repair kits.
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